It feels good to be certain about something. Certainty is comfortable, and uncertainty is not. It is uncomfortable ‘not to know’. This is the result of us having evolved a brain which interprets the world by seeking patterns and trying to infer causes from observable effects.

To create a sensible world in which there are answers to all questions, in the cases where answers were not immediately forthcoming, we as a species have often opted to invent them.

So what is ‘God’?

‘God’ is one such invented answer. It is simply a word people use to symbolise whatever they think might be responsible for things we haven’t figured out yet. We have anthropomorphised (made like a person) this ‘whatever might be responsible for things we haven’t figured out yet’, and imbued it with human characteristics such as personality, emotion, and even gender to make it less alien to us, and easier to relate to.

All the things that could not be understood thousands of years ago such as rain, sunshine, life, death, sickness, floods, tectonic and volcanic activity were attributed to this ‘personified’ entity. We then proceeded to develop rituals designed to help us communicate with – and appease – this imaginary personified entity, thinking that by doing so we could somehow influence events in nature to our benefit.

Over many years these primitive rituals evolved into what today we call ‘religion’.

God‘ and ‘Religion‘ are inventions of man.