A voodoo high priest has told the Telegraph that his followers are being denied food aid by evangelical Christian groups, who he claims are in control of the distribution of this aid.

Max Beauvoir, Haiti’s “supreme master” of voodoo said:

“Everyone is suffering the same and has the same needs. We are not asking for anything more than anyone else. We’re just asking for it to be fair.”

Perhaps voodoo practitioners are being blamed for bringing the calamity upon Haiti by the local population, and that’s why they are being marginalised in the aid distribution process. Afterall, ‘they made a pact with the devil’ as Pat Robertson eloquently put it (sigh). Many Christians I’ve spoken to in Kampala, even university educated ones, actually do believe that voodoo is the reason behind all of Haiti’s woes.

I would hope that Max Beauvoir’s claims are exaggerated and that it really isn’t the case that they’re being denied food. Superstitions aside, everyone in Haiti, regardless of religious affiliation, needs help during this trying time.


EDIT: Writing in the Washington Post, Richard Dawkins is of the view that Pat Robertson was being very much the true Christian when he made those now famous remarks about Haitians and their ‘pact with the devil’. It’s an interesting read.