I came across an interesting website called ‘Girls Ask Guys‘ where young people meet to ask each other interesting questions (at least that’s what I think it’s for).

Anyway, in one of the forums titled Why Is Atheism So Popular?, the author of the post, a young Christian woman asks:

Just wondering.

Just to give some background. I personally believe in God; I know many people will call me a fool for that belief. But if I try to take God out of the equation of my life, nothing at all makes sense, including life itself. And I don’t have enough faith in humanity and our puny brains to believe that, eventually, we can collectively solve all our problems and all the questions of science. Many other reasons for my belief, but those are just two big ones. (Just some background; I’m not judging atheists.)

I’m just curious as to why Atheism is so popular in the 21st century. It’s everywhere I look.

In recent years many books on atheism have become best-sellers.

Numerous prominent people have come out and declared thier lack of a belief in a ‘God’.

Atheist groups all over the United States and the UK are promoting irreligiosity through billboards


…and bus ad campaigns.

Many rationlist and atheist groups are popping up everywhere around the globe – even in India.

Atheists are now more vocal about their ideas and are more visible than they’ve ever been. In recent years there is what can only be described as an explosion of thousands of websites, blogs and Internet forums dedicated to discussing atheism and irreligiosity on the web – creating a platform for millions of like-minded individuals to interact and exchange ideas. Even Uganda now has at least one blog discussing atheism – that I know of (duh!).

Let’s not forget YouTube, where today many non-believers are making their voices heard through hundreds of thoughtful videos being uploaded every week.

Atheism and religious scepticism is increasingly getting featured in many popular television programmes worldwide – something that would have been unheard of ten years ago.

When you actually think about it, it really does seem like atheism is everywhere one looks these days.

Of course, atheists don’t think life doesn’t make sense without a ‘God’ as the young Christian lady imagines. It is actually quite the opposite.

My next post will focus on the distribution of atheists or non-believers worldwide.