Claims of miracles are often presented by believers as evidence that ‘God’ is real. During the second Freethinkers’ Night, one of the Christian attendees assured us that nothing else but there being a ‘God’ could explain the miraculous recovery of his younger brother from asthma. Although there are a few of Christian schools of thought in which it is believed that  miracles, signs and wonders ended in the apostolic age, by and large most Christians believe ‘God’ is actively performing miracles today – particularly with regards to healing people from illness – even when there is no good evidence to warrant such beliefs.

Perhaps the most outrageous modern Christian miracle claims are the claims that prayer can cause dead people to miraculously come back to life. Not surprisingly such claims are quite common, but none of them have ever been found to be valid by medical professionals (and thereafter independently corroborated and which findings were analysed in peer-reviewed medical literature.. this has not happened). This, however, has not stopped many Christian evangelists from trying to convince people that it can be done:

Are these people really serious?

Towards the end of the video the lady evangelist above actually admits she is yet to see any dead raised yet – but she and other preachers like her do a disservice to society by giving people the false impression that it can be done.

As it is, there are lot of people in Africa who also think it can be done. Two weeks ago, in Kenya, a group of worshippers led by their pastors actually attempted to do just that.

During the final week of February this year 2 pastors lost their lives in a fatal motor accident in Kenya. Grief-stricken members of the church, as well as well-wishers from neighbouring towns and even as far away as Uganda poured into the church compound where the caskets containing the remains of the pastors lay and began praying earnestly for the two deceased to be resurrected, as reported by The Nation:

They came from the four corners of the country and even neighbouring Uganda with one mission — to pray for a miracle.

Two pastors in the Kingdom Seekers Fellowship International church were killed in a road accident on Monday last week and the faithful believed that God would resurrect them if they prayed hard enough.

Their death in a car that rolled on the Nairobi-Nakuru highway, the faithful believed, was the work of the devil and the miracle was to shame the evil one.

“Our pastors have been perishing in road accidents and it is time for us to shame the devil, who is behind the tragedies,” Pastor John Kamau William, the church’s general overseer, announced to the congregation outside their church in Nakuru.

There was a large congregation of faithful and curious onlookers who were eager to witness the resurrection.

Word had gone round the town that a miracle was to happen during the requiem mass for pastors Patrick Wanjohi Wanja and Francis Kamau Ndetei.

So, when the caskets carrying the remains of the two were taken to the church, crowds of people milled around to see what would happen.

The neutral people in the crowd were amazed by the aggressive and drawn out prayers that the believers engaged in.

Even a heavy downpour that pounded Nakuru as the prayers went on did not dampen their spirits. In fact, the sudden rains were seen as a sign that the miracle was about to happen. The prayers continued with even more vigour.

Scores of pastors surrounded the caskets and cried out to God for more than an hour.

At one point, Pastor Ndetei’s widow, went to the tent where the coffin was placed and shook it as she hysterically pleaded with God to raise her husband.

Another worshipper pushed the coffins in an attempt to stir the dead pastors to wake up from their “deep sleep.” Nothing happened.

By this time, one could sense doubts creeping into the minds of some of the faithful. To banish any such thoughts, Apostle Steven Bulungi from Uganda chased away the doubting Thomases.

He kept on telling the congregation that they were not being “fanatical or emotional” enough. ‘‘You are practising the word of God,” he exhorted them.

Nevertheless, the worshippers eventually lost hope. One of the pastors announced: “Some miracles do not happen instantly, as was the case when Jesus cursed the fig tree.”

Nothing happened..hmm.. and again, the ‘devil’ is blamed for a tragedy..

A part of me feels like laughing at this kind of silliness, but is SHOCKS ME to see that people actually believe it is possible to bring dead people back to life.

I feel really bad for the relatives of the deceased who are mourning the loss of their loved ones. I just think it does no good to offer them false hope that they’re beloved will come back to life. Death is part of life. It is inevitable. It will happen to all of us one day.

Here is the televised report, from Nation TV:


In Part 2 of the Does God Heal series, we saw how there wasn’t sufficient evidence to justify belief in the notion that ‘God’ can heal.

You can now add resurrection to that list.