freethinkers' night - march 2010

Yep, the end of the month is fast approaching so get ready for another evening of awesome freethought!

Freethought Kampala is going to have its usual monthly meeting – dubbed Freethinkers’ Night – at a bar/restaurant called “4 Points” in Centenary Park on THURSDAY the 25th of March, starting 6.00PM.


If you are an open minded person whose opinions are formed not by faith but on the basis of science, logic, and reason and are interested in meeting like-minded individuals – you are WELCOME to join us at this meeting. Last month’s meeting was a blast so you wouldn’t want to miss this one!

Freethought Kampala brings together Kampala’s non-religious people, such as freethinkers, skeptics, atheists, agnostics, humanists, and those with naturalistic world views.

The topic this month is ‘Witchcraft  – Does It Actually Work, Or Is It Just Superstition?’


Many Christians in Uganda believe that witchdoctors are agents of ‘Satan’

There will be a brief presentation of a number of videos showing how villagers in rural India are being educated in critical thinking and receiving practical lessons on how not to fall for the gimmicks of so-called ‘godmen’ that roam the Indian country side purportedly performing ‘miracles’.

We will also discuss whether it is possible for religious believers in Uganda to be encouraged to be more skeptical of claims of witchdoctors, seeing that Christianity strongly reinforces the belief that witchcraft works.

Please keep time.

For more information, contact us at: