…if you are a Muslim living in the UK, and are doing so as a ritual form of protest:

Muslims who launch a shoe at another person may not be committing a crime because the practice is Islamic symbolism, guidance from the Metropolitan Police says.

The rules are likely to be contrasted to police action taken against a Christian couple in Liverpool who were arrested and prosecuted because they verbally criticised Islam in a debate about religion.

At the weekend it emerged that a Muslim man charged with violent disorder for throwing a shoe at a protest had his case dismissed.

The court accepted that shoe-throwing was “simply a ritual form of protest”, according to the Muslim man’s lawyer.

Maybe that other famous Iraqi reporter should have waited for George W. Bush to visit the UK before pulling his famous stunt:

Muslims believe shoes, and in particular the soles of shoes, are ritually ‘unclean’, and hurling a shoe at someone is considered the worst insult imaginable. Now a court in the UK has set a dangerous precedent by making this act legally permissible.

What next?