I had an OP-ED piece published in the Monitor on Monday April 26th titled Religious Teachings Reinforce Belief in Witchcraft (in case the link disappears, an image file of the article can be found here). The article was based on an earlier post covering the same subject.

The article prompted a lot of people to contact me via e-mail – both believers, and non believers. Some foreign journalists contacted me expressing shock that there were ‘people that thought they way I did about religion’ in this rather uber-religious country.

Many of the people that contacted me have joined the Freethought Kampala Facebook group, and others came for Freethinkers’ Night – which I think is cool!

My article ended with a challenge:

Anyone who thinks witchcraft works should contact me and collect two million shillings upon a successful demonstration of this so called black-magic.

Bring it on!