"Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image.." Yeah, right...go tell that to the Catholics. Cool key-holder, eh? I was walking through town this afternoon and I stopped to buy some candy from a woman by the road side. Next to her, there was a woman selling cool Catholic paraphernalia. I decided to go for the key holder – it looked cool, in a Gothic kind of way.

Might people get the wrong idea if they see me carrying it around? You know, like, “YOU SEE, I KNEW YOU’D FINALLY COME BACK TO JESUS!!!”

Even though I am not a Christian (I am an atheist), if something is well-made, and looks cool, I’ll buy it – even if it carries with it religious connotations. Art is art.

Its just too bad that in purchasing this key-holder I’ve probably donated to the Vatican indirectly. Ah, well..