In the video above, Ugandan Pastor Joshua Magezi blesses the passports of his parishioners to them them get visas to work and study in ‘wealthier nations’.

Pastor Magezi:

“Some people come here with demons – and then we cast out the demons.. and the demons begin to say ‘You will never travel! You will never marry!’ We cast it out.. we cast it out.. and then it ends up saying ‘I’m gone! I’m gone! I’m gone!’…and that person… things begin to change”

Religious madness in Uganda seems to be never-ending.

Among Christians in Uganda (especially the born-again variety) there is an insatiable obsession with demons and their perceived role in causing all manner of problems including sickness, unemployment, barrenness, domestic disputes, badly behaved children, poor grades, poverty, etc..

This obsession with demons is one of the main reasons why belief in the efficacy in witchcraft persists to this day, even among university educated Ugandans. It is believed that demons work in tandem with witchdoctors.



I’m gone! I’m gone! I’m gone!