When one young lady announced that May 20th 2010 should be Everybody Draw Mohammed Day there was an explosion of debate worldwide about whether or not one had the right to express oneself freely even if such expression or speech resulted in some people getting offended.


This debate is highly relevant to Freethought Kampala – given our interest in exploring, examining and critiquing religious and cultural beliefs/practices of people.

Are there limits to free speech and free expression? Should there be limits to free speech and free expression? WHAT is free speech? What is free expression? What does the Uganda constitution say? Should religious and cultural matters be off-limits, and protected from any criticism or commentary on the grounds that such criticism or commentary might offend?

We will be exploring these questions at the May Freethinkers’ Night – to take place this Thursday, 27th May 2010 at 4 Points Bar & Restaurant, inside Centenary Park, Kampala starting at 6PM. Entrance is free.

See you there!