Freethinkers’ Night last Thursday evening (24th June) was quite exciting! The topic was was ‘Is There Life After Death?’

The atheists  in the meeting rejected the view that life after death was a valid concept, citing lack of evidence in support of such a view.

As expected, the arguments in favour of this view rested on the belief in the existence of souls or spirits that survive death. It was encouraging that the believers (mainly Christians) in attendance did not rely on their scriptures in order to make their case for souls/spirits, but attempted to make a ‘scientific’ case for why a belief in souls/spirits was justified. Among the arguments they advanced included testimonies of people who had experienced Near Death or Out-of-Body experiences, the second law of thermodynamics, the existence of anti-matter, and ‘tissue’ memory.

The non-believers (us) spent most of the evening rebutting the aforementioned arguments.  In an upcoming post, I will discuss in detail these rebuttals, and also why the above arguments, as well as others that have been formulated to justify belief in the existence of souls/spirits, fail.

Meanwhile, the Daily Monitor newspaper intends to do a review of Freethinkers’ Night, based on the experience of two of its journalists who attended a Freethinkers’ Night sometime ago. The article will also feature an interview with me. Basically, in it I discussed what freethought is all about and in what way freethought can contribute positively to Ugandan society.

It should be running this coming Sunday or next. Look out!