“Yes, some scientists are religious believers. Well, scientists are human, too, and they were raised in the same religion-saturated environments as the rest of us. But in fact, far fewer scientists are religious believers than in the population as a whole. In fact, education itself is associated with the loss of religious belief. The more you know, the less you believe in the fairy tales of your youth. And the top levels of science, the Nobel Prize winners, those scientists at the cutting edge of scientific discovery, are even less religious in general than those "scientists" further down the ladder. And who knows what Galileo, Newton, and Faraday would think today, with modern knowledge…”

From:Has Stephen Hawking ended the God debate?” on the blog That’s Interesting….

The author of That’s Interesting… makes a good point.

Taking the U.S.A. (the most religious developed nation in the world) as an example – among the members of the U.S. National Academy of Science, only 7.0% believe in a personal ‘God’ as compared with more than 85% of the general U.S. population. A study shows that belief among members of the same National Academy of Science has been declining steadily since 1914.

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