On November 6th 2010 I witnessed an attempt by a witchdoctor to try to catch a car thief. I posted a detailed account of what I witnessed, in which I also narrated how I was able to retrieve a sample of a strange mixture that the witchdoctor made the ‘suspects’ drink at the scene of the crime.

Everyone who drank the strange mixture fell ill immediately, with one of them showing up at the scene later in the evening appearing to be completely disoriented.

I nick-named this mixture ‘juju juice’ and promptly took the sample I had collected to the Government Analytical Laboratory for a toxicology analysis, to see if it might be containing any hallucinogenic substances.

The chemical analyst handling my case informed me today that so far his tests have not yielded any conclusive results; but he said he was interested in carrying out more tests, given the increase in reported cases of disorientation, and even death, resulting from the consumption of this strange substance.

He has shipped the sample to his contemporaries in Nairobi, Kenya, who he says have better equipment. The analysts in Nairobi, he told me, will be subjecting the sample to liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry, which is currently the most advanced technique for analysing the chemical composition of complex mixtures.

Liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry machine

He hopes they will be getting back to him soon with a result.

Till then…

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