What do you think about gender roles and how they may or may not be changing as Ugandan women become more financially independent?


In his recent article entitled ‘Common Sense: What Have Our Women Turned Into?’ (Daily Monitor Tuesday, July 5 2011) columnist Robert Kalumba seems to have literally rattled the wasps nest:

‘They have evolved from the submissive, caring, obedient, thoughtful, and understanding person into something that would have Frankenstein shudder in his grave. And here is the scary bit; the evolution, going with today’s teen girls, seems to be getting even worse.’

It’s an interesting article, not necessarily factual, but it does make one wonder, surely times have changed and to be honest are still changing, the ladies of Uganda are a far cry from what they were 30 or so odd years ago when Uganda had just earned her independence, no more finishing school, no more nursing, now our wonderful women are empowered engineers, lawyers, doctors and taxi conductors (true story). They have risen to the occasion and taken the proverbial bull by the horns, but one has to wonder, is it without consequence?

Like many Ugandan dilemmas the focus goes back to the family, one may argue, if both parents are committed to work, what happens to the children? What happened to the traditional gender roles? Does a woman have to be the one to manage the home while her husband is away earning the bacon? Does it all really matter; can’t a woman be a successful in her career while being a successful mother? Does she even have to be a mother anymore? Must she get married? Is this a result of all the years of female emancipation? Is there a problem at all? Can’t men just get with the program?

questionsNo point in sitting there, you might as well come along and weigh in on the discussion…… see you there!

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