Yet another superb video series from Youtuber TheraminTrees – which is a response from him to a theist who is asking him questions about what he believes, and why. Here is the initial video from a theist Youtuber, saizai:

In the description section of the video is its transcript. Below is an excerpt:

1. Do you affirmatively believe that any god or gods do not exist? If yes, how certain are you, what god(s) does this belief apply to, and why do you hold this belief?

2. What claims do you believe to be unknowable, and why?

3. What claims do you believe to be knowable by personal revelation, what evidence would you yourself accept, and why? For instance, what personal revelatory experience would count? Please use whatever is the minimum possible thing that would convince you of some sort of god existence, that’s within the cultural realm of things attributable to such revelations.

And below is the response from TheraminTrees, in three parts: