Ioannis Gatsiounis has written a wonderful article about Freethought Kampala for Time Magazine (online), called Uganda: Debating God in a God-Fearing Country.

Here is an excerpt:

There are no atheists in trenches, the old saying goes, and there aren’t many more in Uganda. When it comes to poverty, disease, corruption, issues of sexuality and tribal tensions, most Ugandans believe they need God’s help. Even during the weekday lunch hour, they can be found filing into the capital’s churches, lifting their hands to the heavens and swaying in time to Christian rock bands and dapper pastors promising salvation. A study by the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life found that 97% of Ugandans are believers, and the fact that professions of atheism are invariably met with incredulity has prompted most of Uganda’s freethinkers to keep their skepticism in the closet. But James Onen, a former Pentecostal Christian who once spoke in tongues, is not among them.

Indeed I’m not. A loud and proud freethinker, skeptic and atheist, I am!

You can read the rest of the article here.

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