Many people are convinced that ‘God’ heals people. They have attended miracle crusades and seen people who are allegedly ‘lame’ be prayed upon by a pastor, and gotten ‘healed’. Maybe they prayed for a sick loved one, and this person got well.

Several anecdotal accounts of ‘miracle healing’ permeate through churches and religious households throughout the world, leading many believers to conclude that ‘God’ must exist, and is the one performing these ‘miracles’. In Africa, thanks to the proliferation of charismatic, or born-again churches, miracle healing stories have have become so common that today they are a staple part of everyday conversation between people. People now accept it as a given that ‘God’ heals miraculously, to the extent that many would sooner go to church to receive a ‘healing’ than go to a hospital.

But are these really miracles? Are stories of people getting miraculously healed even true, and are they evidence that ‘God’ exists?

In the Does God Heal series, we explore why the conclusion that ‘God’ is healing people is unjustified, and why a good understanding of medical science and critical thinking makes it difficult to take miracle healing stories seriously.

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Does ‘God’ Heal?:

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