Yep. A witchdoctor asked a woman for two furless mice and a two-legged cow in order for him to ‘cleanse her house of bad omens’. She didn’t have those. He then offered to ‘remove evil spirits that were causing her marital problems’ using his… penis.

The Daily Monitor reports:

A witch doctor who raped his patient under the pretext of driving evil spirits from her has been sentenced to 15 years in prison by a Kampala court. John Zziwa was convicted last week by Kampala High Court over raping a woman, whose names are withheld at Nalukolongo, a Kampala suburb in 2005.

Delivering the sentence, Justice Benjamin Kabiito said Zziwa deserves punishment for sexually exploiting a woman who had gone to her to seek healing.

Court heard that Zziwa raped the victim from her home in Nalukolongo where he had gone to cleanse her house of bad omens. He reportedly asked for two furless mice and a two-legged cow.

When the victim failed to secure the items, Zziwa suggested that he would use his penis to remove evil spirits that were causing her marital problems. The victim made an alarm but Zziwa grabbed a knife and threatened to harm her if she continued to make alarms and raped her.

In Uganda a lot of women consult witchdoctors hoping for quick-fixes to their marital (and other) problems – and the result is that often they end up getting exploited. Whereas the lady in the above article attempted to thwart the witchdoctor’s sexual advances, there are many, many cases in which the women actually willingly comply with the demands for sex in exchange for miracles. Many others have had to part with large sums of money.

Why do they, and others, get exploited?

The trouble, first of all, is with people believing that ‘evil spirits  and bad omens’ are real. Then, with people believing that life’s problems are the result of ‘evil spirits  and bad omens’. These problems are further aggravated by the fact that, in addition to this, people also believe that ‘witchdoctors’ can somehow influence these ‘evil spirits and bad omens’ and have their fortunes changed for the better.

Let’s encourage critical thinking to end this madness!