For a while now, a certain homophobe from Uganda called Maazi NCO (an alias) has been trolling the blog of an American psychologist called Warren Throckmorton, spewing nonsense and hateful garbage. I am a frequent visitor of Throckmorton’s blog because it usually has nice updates on the status of the Uganda Anti-Homosexuality Bill 2009 – a bill I am 100% opposed to.

I had observed this particular Ugandan internet troll at work on Throckmorton’s blog for some time but last week I decided to engage him, after I reading one of his recent rants that annoyed me greatly.

For a test case in lack of logic and rationality as you’d expect from a homophobic person who thinks he’s smart, I invite you to take a look at our exchange. In this exchange, I logically, and step-by-step, decimate all of the frequent excuses for bigotry that are put forward by homophobic Ugandans.

The exchange occurs in the comments section of this post.