uganda schoolNationwide, students of all grades struggle to meet the national test requirements, with the majority dropping out of school before making it to the secondary level. Some of the factors causing this are: overcrowded classrooms; lack of access to textbooks or classroom tools; poor nutrition; unclean water; lack of government funding and; lack of basic needs like water, food or sleep.

These are the basics.

If we are to get into the nitty gritty of things, our system does not promote logical thinking, or inclusive, participatory and practical teaching. The lack of a reading culture or promotion of extra-curricular activities, especially in primary schools while the brain and body is at its best, is also a setback to a well rounded education. It can be assumed that the problem may not necessarily lie within the curriculum but rather, in the implementation of it.

So the question for the Thursday Freethought meeting is this:

It is being reported that schools in Uganda are failing the students. Discuss with reasons for or against and alternative solutions to improve the situation.

By Lindsey Kukunda

If you are an open minded person whose opinions are formed on the basis of science, logic, and reason and are interested in meeting like-minded individuals – you are welcome to join us at the meeting.

The September 2011 Freethinkers’ Night is going to take place on Thursday, 29th September, at 4 Points Bar & Restaurant, Centenary Park, Kampala, starting 6PM. Entrance is FREE.

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