My goodness! Time certainly flies by fast when you’re having a wonderful time. We held the very first Freethinkers’ Night on Thursday, 28th January 2010 at 4 Points bar and Restaurant. We’ve held them every month ever since, at the same place.

I started blogging about them starting with the second one (at the time of the first Freethinkers’ Night, this blog didn’t exist!):

This upcoming Freethinkers’ Night we will be celebrating one year of Freethinkers’ Nights in Kampala!

We’ll talk about what we’ve been able to accomplish in the twelve months in which we have been actively engaging the public on various issues, and what we think we should aim for in the next twelve.

Special Guest: We will also be joined by Venerable Buddharakkhita Bante from the Uganda Buddhist Centre who will be speaking to us about Buddhism and its philosophy.

The January 2011 Freethinkers’ Night is going to take place on Thursday, 27th January at 4 Points Bar & Restaurant, Centenary Park, Kampala, starting 6PM. Entrance is FREE.

If you are an open minded person whose opinions are formed not by religious or cultural dogma but on the basis of science, logic, and reason and are interested in meeting like-minded individuals – you are WELCOME to join us for this celebration.

See ya!